Club Instructors

Our club has a number of coaching programs in place and are working on more.
Our coaches, instructors and assistants are

Come and Try
Jan Lyons Instructor Come and Try Coordinator
Zoran Tubakovic Instructor Come and Try
Reece Lyons Instructor Saturday League
Harri Howden Assistant Saturday Come and Try
Julian Howden Assistant Saturday Come and Try
Haidar Abdul-Rashid Instructor Saturday League
Devilliers Duvenage Assistant Come and Try
Alan Carter Instructor Come and Try
Mark Harrison Assistant Come and Try
Eric Nigol Assistant Come and Try
Markus Kuhrau Assistant Come and Try
Mike Matthews Assistant Come and Try
Advanced Coaching
Marcus Anear Regional Coach Advanced Coaching
Gurvinder Sekhon Assistant Advanced Coaching
Mark Hewitt Assistant Advanced Coaching
Junior Coaching Class
Julian Howden Co-Ordinator DVAnts Saturday Junior Development Program