Robin Hood Etiquette

Robin Hood Etiquette
You and a buddy are having a fun day down at the club and your friend shoots his arrow down the back of yours, causing a "Robin Hood".
It's pretty cool. His arrow is embedded in yours. Everyone gets excited.
But now what?
Who owns this new trophy? Does your friend need to buy you a new arrow? Do you pull them apart?

In most cases the first arrow is ruined and the second arrow is OK. Therefore the etiquette is that the owner of the second arrow keeps both. They can then keep them together, or remove their own arrow and discard the first.
It's up to them.

Replacing the First arrow
In some cases the owner of the first arrow might claim they need that arrow replaced. this is NOT ok. If your arrow is damaged the other person does not need to replace. It's simply bad luck.

Getting upset
Don't get upset or angry if this happens to you. It's part of the sport and instead enjoy the experience. It's pretty cool, even when it happens to your arrow

There are a few things you can do to reduce the chance of it happening.
1) Don't shoot tight groups at close distances. Many times it happens indoor shooting into a single spot target. Try a 3 spot target.
2) Insert style nocks and over nocks are the easiest to Robin Hood. While pin nocks greatly reduce the chances and pin nocks with a collar are almost indestructible. (almost)
An insert nock with a collar is still a chance with a direct hit.

Robin Hooding your own
The first time you do this is very awesome. However it gets expensive fast. Most people keep their first one for the wall, after that they remove their intact arrow.

Be careful if you Rain Hood a carbon arrow. The splinters from the carbon are very painful and difficult to remove from your skin. Do not touch damaged carbon at all.

Enjoy, and stay away from my arrows!