AIM 25m Challenge

Today at A. I. M. (Archers in Melbourne) was their annual 25m Indoor Challenge. 10 of our DVA Archers shot the competition, all placing in their divisions.
A special mention to our own very Weiland family... all 5 shot today... Awesome, and well done!
Joey Female Compound - Olivia Weiland - 1st
Joey Male Compound - James Weiland - 2nd
Intermediate Male Compound - Tristan Weiland - 1st
Open Female Recurve - Deanna Weiland - 2nd
Open Male Barebow Recurve - Nigel Weiland - 1st
Open Male Longbow - Stephen Olah - 1st
Open Male Recurve - Markus Kuhrau - 2nd
Master Female Longbow - Sheryn Licht - 1st
Master Male Recurve - Tad Roman - 1st
Master Male Barebow Recurve - Mark Slade - 1st
Great work everyone!