Yarrambat, VIC, Australia


Competitions for archery include tournaments which can run in a huge variety of levels and formats.
Common ones are:

State Target
Usually a 1440 round that consists of 4 distances shot longest to shortest. The target faces changes from a 122cm to an 80cm for the second 2 distances.
For example
90/1440 is 36 arrows shot at 90m, then 70, then 50m and finally 30m.
For years this format was considered the standard internationally until it was changed to the 720 round.

State Short Range
Originally part of the Moomba Festival and help at Como Park, The State Short Range is one of the most popular shoots on the calendar.
Currently the round shot is a 900 round, which is 3 distances of 30 arrows. The longest round is a 60/900 with distances of 60m, 50m and 40m shot.

720 Events
Shot as a ranking event for major international events, the 720 round is what you will see at Olympics and World Championships.
Consisting of 72 arrows shot at 70m on a 122cm for recurve and 50m on an 80cm for compound plus variations for other ages and divisions.

The State and National Indoors are run as multi-venue event on the same weekend with all events submitting scores online together.
Two rounds are shot are
Australia One Round: Same as the round shot in Vegas. 2 x 30 arrow rounds with the Large 10 ring used by all.
World Archery 18m: 1 x 60 arrow round with the small 5c size 10 ring used for compound.

World Archery Festival – Las Vegas
Biggest archery event in the World. Shot every February in Las Vegas USA. This event attracts around 3500 competitors and is often frequented by DVA members.
The event is 3 x 30 arrow indoor rounds with the winner of Mens Pro Compound usually decided on a tie breaker shootoff. The winner will go three days without dropping a point and then surviving that shootoff. That shooter will walk away with around $100,000 in winnings and contingency payout (money from bow companies)
Shooting a perfect 300 round is considered a highlight for that event.

Field Events usually consist of a 1 or 2 day shoot on the World Archery round. Each round is 24 target and 3 arrows per target with 4 different face sizes and distances from 10m to 60m.
Usually marked some events will be unmarked making the competitors work out the distance they need to shoot.

3D Archery
3D Events are 1 to 2 day events with 20-30 targets shot per day.
Targets can be at any distance up to 50yards (46m) and you get one arrow per target.
These events are usually unmarked, however known distance events are taking off in the USA.