Yarrambat, VIC, Australia

Field/3D Archery

Field Archery is shooting in a bush style setting at a variety of distances and targets. Archers walk through a course that is set out in advance with a series of challenging shots designed to off more challenge than straight up target shooting.
There is a variety of field games with DVA offering World Archery Field (formally known as FITA Field) and 3D archery.

3D Archery

3D Archery is the world’s biggest form of professional archery and is huge in the USA. The targets are life size animal replica targets, and while it started out as a hunting practice it has grown into a full competitive format.
The odd shaped targets add a variety of challenges to the sport including
Working out where the score zone in
Working out the distance (3D is usually unknown distances)
Making the shot.

We run regular shoots and competitions and while challenging, field is great for people of all abilities.
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