Yarrambat, VIC, Australia

Members Protection

Diamond Valley Archers has a strong position on members protection and integrity in sport.
We strive to provide an environment that
• Is inclusive of everyone regardless of sex, age, race or religion.
• Is free from harassment
• Is free from bullying
• Treats everyone with respect regardless of their ability
• Is a child friendly environment and one of fair play
• Promotes an environment where the enjoyment of the sport is greater than successes in the sport.

The Members Protection Officer (MPO) is the person responsible for handling any issues that might arise between members and the first point of contact to raise any complaints that might be needed to be made. The MPO is currently the President of the club. If you wish to talk to someone who is not the president then please approach the Vice President or a member of committee who you feel comfortable with. That person will treat your situation seriously and confidentially.

To contact the MPO use this form.